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merely is an open source discord bot intended to be highly modular and able to enhance a discord server it's invited to with useful commands like...

  • m/shorten to shorten URLs
  • m/vote to bring live polls to discord
  • m/welcome and m/farewell for custom server leave/join messages
  • m/clean and m/purge to quickly clean up a channel
  • m/janitor so merely can clean automatically
  • m/meme to bring the power of a meme database to your server


merely turns 3! - merely has been in development for three years and there's some exciting new features around the corner with the v1.0 update!

this includes custom prefixes for developers, a new meme search syntax, a new way for any server owner to get new memes automatically and a new way for anyone to contribute to the meme database!

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here's how merely has been performing recently...



Responses sent out of messages recieved since the last time merely had to restart.

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Downtime typically indicates maintenance or power and internet issues.
- Recorded from 8/03/2020

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{modules} currently running and enabled.

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